Surdos Contemporânea

Catalog of Contemporânea surdos . A brand of Brazilian percussion instruments with very strong values such as carrying and promoting Brazilian culture, its origins, influences and rhythmic mixes around the world so that people can learn about its products, interact with them and apply them to their daily lives.

For many years, Contemporânea has expanded throughout Europe and its instruments are one of the most used in European batucadas.

They have three lines of instruments. The Nesting line of surdos consists of very light stackable colored instruments due to the absence of the resonator head and large tension rods. The Contemporânea Light line, made of matte aluminum and without very elaborate polishing, is a cheaper line of instruments that maintains the sound and quality of the brand. On the other hand, the Contemporânea Profesional line, which is about instruments cared for in detail and of the highest quality of the brand. With finishes in polished aluminum or high quality wood.

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