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Online sale of Boxes . This type of drum is one of the most popular batucada instruments thanks to the characteristic timbre provided by the snare drum. Get your box now at the best price. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and heights . From 8" in diameter to 14" of the most common boxes. We have available up to 20 models recommended for children . For your convenience, the most common is that these are between 8 "and 13" in diameter.

The caixas have 2 heads: an upper one and a lower one. The latter, together with the snare, allows you to achieve a very particular filling sound effect that will be different depending on the material of the snare.

The shell of the caixas is usually made of metal , such as the 10” Contemporânea Light snare drum or the 14" x 6 cm Contemporânea drum (Tarol mini) and in wood , such as the 14" x 4" master birch piccolo snare drum or 14x5 snare drum. .6" Santa Fe Blue Surfer. The thicker the heads and shells, the deeper the sound of the instrument.

Complement your caixa with drumsticks and protect them with our covers. We have several snare packs that include these accessories, such as the 14"x3" DB snare drum (pack) with bag and drumsticks and the 14"x4" DB snare drum (pack) with bag and drumsticks.

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