The repenique , also known as repique or repinique , is a Brazilian percussion instrument with a very high-pitched sonority that is used in both samba enredo (usually played with a wooden stick) and samba reggae (where it is played with synthetic rods).

Buy your penny now and take advantage of our offers. You have a wide variety of models and ranges. From the light range repens, such as those of the Contemporânea or Izzo brands, to the medium/high range ones from Izzo and the professionals from Timbra and Contemporânea .

Stick with the size you like best. The most common measurements are the 10" chime (small) and the 12" chime (large) . For the little ones we also recommend the bacurinhas , which are peals of only 8" widely used by the Timbalada bloco in Salvador de Bahía (founded by Carlinhos Brown). Thanks to their smaller size, it is much easier for children and comfortable to use this type of pennants for the celebration of children's batucadas .

Take advantage of the opportunity and choose one of our packs with bags, drumsticks and harness , such as the Timbra Ti8635 Repenique Pack, or the Izzo brand gift stick packs .

Give rhythm to your batucadas and become a Brazilian percussion professional with one of our repeniques.

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