Surdo Contemporânea 12"x34 cm Nesting

Surdo Contemporânea 12"x34 cm Nesting

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This blue 12"x34 cm nesting Surdo Contemporânea is a perfect instrument for children due to its small size and lightness.


Surdo Nesting 12" x 34 cm has a blue painted aluminum shell. Its beater head is made of nappa leather and has 6 tension points. It is part of the Ginga de Contemporânea semi-professional line.

The Nesting series of surdos is ideal for children and adolescents who are beginning to learn because of the lightness of its materials. Also, by having only the beater head, you can stack the surdos one inside the other to transport them all together. This surdo only weighs 2.2kg and with the different nesting series surdos they are painted in different colors to distinguish them from each other. The surdo is an indispensable percussion musical instrument in the samba rhythm.

For this type of patch it is recommended to use a mallet that is not very hard. It comes standard with a black nappa head (korino) so you will get a very warm sound.

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35 cm
Recommended for children

About Contemporânea

The Contemporanea brand of instruments is one of the causes of the arrival of Brazilian percussion instruments in Europe. It stands out for the enormous quality of its materials. Contemporânea Light line of instruments are lighter and lower priced instruments than their professional counterparts.

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