Surdo instrument

The largest instruments of Brazilian percussion. We have a great offer on Timbra , Izzo , Contemporanea, Meinl , etc. surdos. Please choose the size you need. The short surdos measure approximately 40 or 45 cm in length and the long ones approximately 50 or 55 cm.

Larger surdos are usually used for lower tunings and smaller surdos for higher tunings. If you are looking for a surdo of dial or bottom, as a general rule you can choose between 20" and 24", with the largest measurements being the grave markings (The 20" surdo is often used as a third surdo and on other occasions as a dial when the rest of the surdos are smaller). The third, court or dobra surdos are usually smaller (usually 16", 18" or 20", although they are also seen in 12" and 14").

If you have back problems or simply do not want the surdo to weigh a lot, you can opt for the light ranges from Izzo or Contemporânea that weigh much less than their regular or high series counterparts. Another option is to order a Tito Puig handmade surdo that is also quite light and maintains great quality.

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