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Pack 3 Surdos Izzo for samba reggae
Pack 3 Surdos Izzo for samba reggae

Set 3 surdos Izzo (samba reggae)

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Complete set of Izzo surdos. 2 surdos of marking and 1 surdo of third (dobra)

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This set includes the necessary surdos to make samba reggae melodies. These are 3 surdos 45 cm high, 18", 20" and 22" in diameter.

Includes the following percussion instruments:

  • Surdo Izzo 18"x45cm aluminum Ref: ORT-6298
  • Surdo Izzo 20"x45cm aluminum Ref: ORT-6301
  • Surdo Izzo 22"x45cm aluminum Ref: ORT-6302

About Izzo

Izzo company was born in São Paulo (Brazil) more than 100 years ago (1918). Back then, a Spaniard, a Chilean and an Italian who wanted to produce musical instruments for the national market got together to create Izzo Instruments Musicais Ltda . In 2011, the professional percussion line " Timbra - Top Percussion " was created at the same time that the brand began its collaboration with the Rock in Rio festival.

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