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12" x 30 cm
12" x 30 cm

12" x 30 cm

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12" x 30 cm reenique cover to protect the repique from bumps, scratches and temperature changes. Also fits 12" Nesting/Castle surdo.


Black cover for repenique made of plasticized polyester, black polyester lining and 10mm polyethylene padding. On the lid and base, the padding is 20mm polyethylene. The case has a pocket, a backpack to hang the instrument on the back and a handle.

Using a case to protect the instrument is the key to extending its useful life since bumps and scratches generally occur when transporting the instrument.

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30 cm

About Recife

Recife maracatu alfaias are made of birch wood and beech rings. The patches are made of leather and are tightened by hemp or nylon rope. The straps for Recife batucada instruments are top quality and have a quick hook to hang the instrument. They also specialize in batucada instrument cases.

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