20" drum head inverted nappa
20" drum head inverted nappa

20" drum head inverted nappa

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20" drum head inverted nappa leather . These nappa heads are mounted in reverse (the skin inside the head). Therefore, the external feel is the same as that of a normal synthetic head.


Timbra inverted nappa heads have the peculiarity of having the nappa fabric on the inside of the head, so it will be more difficult to break than a normal nappa head. Timbra professional surdos are assembled with this type of heads.

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About Timbra

Timbra top percussion professional line was born in 2011 at the same time that Izzo began its collaboration with the Rock in Rio festival. Here you will find all the brand's instruments and accessories.

The Timbra surdos have a large decompression hole and in most sizes they are assembled with inverted nappa patches. This reduces the harmonics and gives the instrument a much warmer and less canned sound.

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