Box cover 39 x 17 cm (unpadded)
Box cover 39 x 17 cm (unpadded)

Box cover 39 x 17 cm (unpadded)

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Carrying case for the instrument. It is 39 x 17 cm in size and unpadded. It comes with shoulder strap and is black.


Plastified polyester bags with shoulder strap. They are black and fit DB0054, DB0056, DB0070, DB0074, DB0076, DB0086, DB0102, DB0104, DB0106, DB0108, DB0110 and DB0112.

These sleeves can be used for any type of drum, bearing in mind that for the drum to fit perfectly in the sleeve, there must be at least 2 cm left over on each side. Therefore, we recommend you to measure your drum and add about 4 cm extra to choose the size of your sleeve.

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