Maces for Surdo

Buy mallets for surdo

We recommend using fine cut or third surdo mallets (dobra) and mallets with a larger ball or plush padding for your case or marking surdo.

You will find different types of mallets for batucada surdo:

1. Surdo clubs with wooden handles.

This type of clubs are widely used in forró and in the carioca samba of Rio de Janeiro. The mace is usually light and robust.

2. Aluminum surdo clubs.

This type of club has a body made up of a light aluminum bar. They are perfect for hitting each other and the rim. Also, if you like to juggle with your clubs, it will be easier for you with this type.

3. Aluminum surdo clubs with handle.

These are aluminum clubs as in the previous section to which a clamping handle is incorporated. This makes the grip much more comfortable.

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