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Pack of 15 samba instruments (eco3b)

Pack of 15 samba instruments (eco3b)


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Easy transport pack consisting of:

Surdo Izzo Light 14"x30 cm (x2)

Surdo Izzo Light 16"x45 cm

Surdo Izzo light 18"x45 cm

Repenique 12"x30cm Izzo Light

Agogó liverpool double chrome (x3)

Ganza liverpool ref. Ga270 (x2)

Drumstick 5a 14mm maple (x2 pairs)

Repenique drumstick (pair) ref.02902

Drumstick triple tamborim liverpool ref. Ta003 (x3)

Mace surdo wood ref.02905 (x8)

Tamborim 6" abs p/brasil izzo ref.iz3691 (x3)

Box 14"x5.5" 6 div. Md db0112 (x2)

Batucada padded waist strap with black reinforcement (x7)


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