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Pack of 10 samba instruments

Pack of 10 samba instruments

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Pack of 10 instruments for the practice of Brazilian percussion.

This pack contains


Easy to transport batucada pack composed of the following instruments:

  • 12" x 30Cm. Castle Surdo Aluminum Izzo 6-Div.Napa Iz9890 (X1)
  • 14" x 37Cm. Castle Surdo Aluminum Izzo 6-Div.Napa Iz9891 (X1)
  • 16" x 39Cm. Castle Surdo Aluminum Izzo 8-Div.Napa Iz9892 (X1)
  • 18" x 41Cm. Castle Surdo Aluminum Izzo 10-Div.Napa Iz9893 (X1)
  • Rasta Padded Waist Batucada Belt (X2)
  • Pair of Mapple 5A 14 mm Drumsticks Ref.02110 (X1)
  • Mace Surdo Aluminum Olodum Handle Liverp. Ref. Mc60 (X8)
  • Snare Band 14"X3" Db0058 (X1)
  • Repenique 12"X30 Cm Alum. Izzo 6-Div. Ref. Iz7751 (X1)
  • Drumstick Repenique (Pair) Ref.02902 (X1)
  • Liverpool Agogo Double Chrome Ref. Ag Dgc (X2)
  • Tamborim 6" Abs P/Brazil Izzo Ref.Iz3691 (X2)
  • Drumstick Triple Liverpool Ref. Ta003 (X2)

The surdos do not include the necessary straps to be hung, but they do have some foams to be able to play with them on the ground.


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