Timbau 14" x 70 cm Izzo 8div Ref.iz7149
Timbau 14" x 70 cm Izzo 8div Ref.iz7149

Timbau 14" x 70 cm Izzo 8div Ref.iz7149

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Timbau 14" x 70 cm Izzo 8-div Ref.iz7149 with white head and 8 tension divisions.


Izzo timbale 14" x 70 cm in aluminum with white head. This height corresponds to the short timbaus. It has 8 divisions of tension. The hoops and fittings are chromed and the head is an Izzo P3. The Brazilian timbal is an ideal instrument to play samba reggae, although in recent years it has also been widely used in samba enredo.

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70 cm
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Recommended for children

About Izzo

Izzo company was born in São Paulo (Brazil) more than 100 years ago (1918). Back then, a Spaniard, a Chilean and an Italian who wanted to produce musical instruments for the national market got together to create Izzo Instruments Musicais Ltda . In 2011, the professional percussion line " Timbra - Top Percussion " was created at the same time that the brand began its collaboration with the Rock in Rio festival.

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